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Published Projects

Time to Turn so You Won't Burn - This small tract is evangelistic in nature and is ready for resorts all over the world. See resource page to purchase.

Praise Patrol this is a musical, and a fine one at that. There are junior members of the Praise Patrol who have the mission of fighting and defeating sin. As they run into various obstacles they find out that it is only through Jesus Christ that sin can be defeated. This musical is based on Psalm 22:3 "God inhabits the praise of His people." Available soon.

Southern Royalty this 457 page genealogy book was actually researched by my mom, Ann C. Tippins.

Disney Access Guides - There are four pocket-sized Disney guides books that focuses on the attractions at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Includes the latest on the new Fantasyland addition.

        General Access Guide - This guide has all the basic information and tons of tips on making your park adventure  fun and easier on your mind and feet.

        Toddler Access Guide - Is written for the parents of the 2 - 5 years old. The attractions are rated for toddler enjoyment and parental stress. This is a must-have for parents of all Disney toddlers.

        Wheelchair Access Guide - Wheelchair parties experience the Disney parks differently from most other people. This is the guide to show you all the shortcuts and tips for smooth sailing. This is much better than the basic Disibilities Guides that they had out at the parks.

        Plus-Size Access Guide - Are you livin large? Have you ever gotten stuck in a turnstile at Pirates of the Caribbean? This is the guide for you. This will help you bypass some of the pitfalls and give you the down-lo on what seats have the most leg room or the widest seating available.

Believe In Magic: A Walt Disney World Novel - This is a new Disney novel about believing in Disney magic. Imagine if Walt Disney World were to start breaking down, characters disappearing, and evil seeking to shut down the magic of Disney. Two families are led down a path to begin believing before tragedy strikes the World of Disney.

These items will be able to be picked up in the coming weeks from our resource page as well as Amazon.com and prayerfully, several bookstores like Lifeway Christian Resources and Zondervan Family Bookstores. 


Looking for Scripts, Novels,

and Devotional Books

Carol's Choice - is a wonderful journey into the lives of a couple who learned to totally lean on God through prayer and petition. Based on years of journal entries, you will be blessed by this compelling story. Carol Brown has joined the On the Edge Productions family. Carol's Choice will be available for purchase and for E-Book download soon.

Are you a young writer?  We are always looking for new talented writers to join our staff of writers. Please feel free to submit scripts, videos, and other resources by contacting us online.


Completed Projects

Gen. Francis Marion: The Legend of the Swamp Fox - This major regional play is finished and is ready to present to City Council for consideration to being the next entertainment venue on the Grand Strand.

Back to the Basics Old Testament (Volume 1) - This Bible study is written for teenagers. It goes through the basic great stories of the Old Testament, up to the reign of Solomon.

40 Days With Jesus this DVD bible study centered on life lessons from Jesus during His 40 days of post-resurrection appearances. With over 120 pages we look forward to this study, with daily readings to be one of the most requested studies. You can purchase the DVD with a short stack of booklets (10) of several stacks for your churches and small groups.

EDEN - a major screenplay involving current events, intrigue, and a little sci-fi. I just completed this project. Query letters are circulating all around Hollywood. No bites, so I need to find a broker or agent.

Jamie's Disney Reading Comprehension - This has been a fun project to work on. Our son is home-schooled and part of his work is reading stories and then answering questions about the story. I didn't care for some of the stuff he had to do, so I decided to combine stories based on something he already loves: Disney.

Murder Mystery at the Planet - This interactive Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre has been designed and written for the Planet Hollywood franchise. We hopefully will open at the Myrtle Beach location in the near future. We have submitted the same proposal to Planet Hollywood International.

Mystery of the Hysterical Society - This interactive Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre has been designed and written for any place with southern historical significance. We look forward to finding a location to perform this hilarious play. Be in prayer as we are negotiating at this time for a location.

Back to the Basics Old Testament (Volume 2) - This Bible study is written for teenagers. It begins at the divided kingdom and goes through the time of silence before the New Testament. We include the minor prophets and all the incredible ways God revealed Himself through history and prophecy. We are proofing.

Random Trivia - A game idea concerning random trivia. Excellent fun! I have finished Instructions, Random Actions Cards, and have 170 Random Trivia Cards to complete. I believe this game has a great chance of being picked up.

40 Days in the Wilderness this DVD bible study centered on life lessons from Israel during the time of he great Exodus from Egypt to the promised land. The book is finished, but the video still has to be produced.

Almost Completed Projects

A Christmas Carol - We have finished transposing the Dicken's Book into script form. Now we must edit the script to meet the demands of the stage.

*A Christmas Carol has always intrigued me because I could not understand why Scrooge would make a 180 degree about-face after being shown his gravestone. We all know that the only sure things in this world are death and taxes. The Christian worldview in the play is unmistakable. We are bringing out the Christian aspects and look forward to producing this during the holiday season of 2012.

P B&Jamie's - This is an idea for a food kiosk that serves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We just finished festival season and got really, really tired of eating hotdogs. ;0 Drawings done, now it's off to production of a prototype. Every festival is going to want to have one of these selling peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Sign coming soon.


Back to the Basics New Testament (Volume 3) - This Bible study is written for teenagers. This is filled with the great stories of the New Testament.

The Mystery of the Lost Artifact - A murder mystery production for all ages. Working slowly on this one.

The 5 "I Wills" of Job - A devotional book dealing with Job's sin. Researching this work.

A Church of One - This is a follow-up to Minister: A Disposable Asset. The outline is finished but the bulk of the writing is still in the works. I am almost finished chapter 2.

Back to the Basics (Volume 4) - This Bible study is written for teenagers. We focus on the books of Psalms and Proverbs. 

40 Days of Christmas this DVD bible study centers on life lessons from the Nativity story. Ending on January (Epiphany) there are over 120 pages with daily readings and devotions designed for families to enjoy together throughout the holiday season. Am working on 3rd session.

Beach Party Mystery - This murder mystery is an audience participation mystery based in a beach resort and it's season end talent show. Great fun. Still working on it.

A Clean Slate - This fictional novel is a tense suspense adventure concerning the assassination of missionaries and church leaders around the world. Finished Chapter 8....excellent. This one is going to take some time because a novel is a different beast.

Life in a Wal Mart Bag - A funny look at our obsession with these little plastic necessities. We work in this project as inspiration hits us. Almost finished chapter 3.



Rearview Mirror - This suspense filled horror film has to do with an unsolved murder and the the reflections in the rear view mirror. 

The Watcher - Another horror film based on an US waterway island that houses exiles from an African nation that ticked off their tribal god. The god watches the island making sure that none of the tribe leaves the island. Can the curse be defeated? Can the tribal god be thwarted?