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Why Do I Need A Wedding Director?

It's a half hour before the wedding and none of the groomsmen are at the church. Who was supposed to remind them? You donít want to put the rings on the ring bearerís pillow because he keeps doing helicopter imitations with it, but where do you put them? The soloist just ran in and tells you the church doesnít have a tape player for her song. Who forgot to ask?

The parking lot is full and the limo driver isnít outside. Did your Dad remember to call and remind them, or are you going to have to hitch a ride in cousin Tedís pick-up truck? You forgot to order a corsage for Grandma. How could you forget her, and what do you do about it now? You look around at the attendants, the decorations and the flowers and suddenly realize it looks more like someone elseís wedding than the one you dreamed of your entire life. How did it happen? Easy, you forgot the Wedding Director! Contact Louanne now!


Dear Friend,

The day you choose to become husband and wife is one of the greatest moments of your life. Making it the day of your dreams and prayers requires preparation and planning, and I would like to help. Whether contemporary or traditional, it is your day and your moment.


ďFaith, Hope and Love , These three, but the greatest of these is Love.Ē I Corinthians 13:13


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