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Louanne Tippins has been creating interpretive movements since 1990 and has been featured at Ridgecrest Music Week (to a standing ovation), at National Conference for Church Leadership, National Drama Festival, South Carolina Creative Art's Festival, Curtain Call in North Carolina, Tennessee Creative Arts Festival, FBC Orlando, FBC Nashville, Two Rivers Baptist in Nashville, Give Kids the World, Disney Marketplace in Orlando, and numerous Boys and Girls Clubs, Orphanages, prisons, housing projects, homeless shelters, nursing homes, shopping centers, malls, even in parking lots. Some of these interpretive movements have been hugely successful and are in a sense, timeless in their effect.



Because You Loved Me

He Is

Adonai (solo Interp)



Joyful, Joyful (from Sister Act 2)

Get Down

Hey God



We have several back copies of the Grand Strand Passion Play. These copies are in VHS format.

DVD's are coming soon.

1994 - Is told from the viewpoint of the Romans using the musical "The Choice." This VHS is not available at this time.

1995 - The last week of Jesus using the musical "Joy Comes in the Morning."

1996 - The last week of Christ as told from the viewpoint of some of the priests using the musical "One Voice."

1997 - The birth and last week of Christ preformed at the Palace Theater using the musical "From Heaven's Throne."

1998- This story was told from the view-point of Barabbas, the prisoner that was released.

1999 - This story is told from the viewpoint of the disciples during the forty days following the resurrection. The last week is told through flashbacks.

2000 - This story is told through the eyes of children. We explore Jesus' life from birth, escape to Egypt, childhood and last week. This was our largest cast at 177.

2001 - This was our longest and most ambitious play as it is told from a time in the future with the rise of the anti-Christ. The huge storybook set would go between 2000 years ago and some point in the future. This story began when at a choir retreat someone remarked that even though Christ died and rose, the battle was still raging and would not end until the return of Christ.

2002 - This play is told by a grandfather and granddaughter by a campfire as they recall the life of Christ.

2003 - This last Grand Strand Passion Play is told from the viewpoint from women surrounding Jesus Christ.