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We are proud to offer our full-length Judgement Night Productions. Join us as we follow teenagers and see the choices that face them one Halloween night, meet the parents and see how they have affected their teenís lives, see how decisions can have eternal consequences, experience the horror of eternal torment and the joy of eternal paradise, and finally be confronted with the possibility of your own Judgement Night.

The traditional Halloween haunted house does nothing of value for a teenagerís or adultís souls. Halloween is based on pagan practices which are very much in opposition to anything Christian. Judgement Night is BETTER! Judgement Night, is a Christian alternative to the traditional haunted house. These scripts are written so that the gospel message is simply laid out, once in the actual script and a second time in the counseling rooms following the presentation.

We invite you to purchase one or all three of our interactive, environmental dramatic scripts.

JUDGEMENT NIGHT 1999  (OTEP-JN99)                               


JUDGEMENT NIGHT 2000  (OTEP-JN00)