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This page will allow you to purchase our large scale pageant scripts. We presently have three available in the 1999, 2001 and 2003 editions.


THE GRAND STRAND PASSION PLAY (40 Days Post Resurrection) (OTEP-GSPP99)                               

This production seems very much like your normal pageant until the opening scene reveals the resurrection of Christ. We then explore the last 40 days of Christ on earth; the 40 days of His appearances to the believers after His resurrection. New scenes include the Road to Emmaus, the Feed my Sheep by the seashore, the appearance in the upper room, the confrontation with Thomas, and the ascension.


 THE GRAND STRAND PASSION PLAY (End Times) (OTEP-GSPP01)                   

This exciting departure of the traditional pageant is also one of our favorites. This play is told from the viewpoint of two completely different points of view: the spiritual battle during the time of Jesus and the spiritual battle at the end of times. Yes, we have Satan, the Anti-Christ, plus two separate casts: one Biblical and one modern. You will remember this production for a long time.


THE GRAND STRAND PASSION PLAY (The Women Who Knew Jesus)  (OTEP-GSPP03)                               

A number of years ago, a number of women sat with, Jim Tippins, the director and asked if one of the Passion Plays could be told from a women’s point of view. Tippins says, “I remember saying that the story of Jesus is usually full of disciples, priests, Roman guards,  Angels, and the like who are almost all men.”

As I studied the scriptures there are so many rich women characters,” Tippins says.  The script contains the familiar events of the last week of Christ, but also the Wedding at Cana, the woman who washed Jesus’ feet with oil, the Greek woman with a possessed daughter, the woman at the well, the adulterous woman, Mary, Martha and the raising of Lazarus, the raising of Jairus’ daughter plus many other scenes.