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The Grand Strand Passion play has been out of theaters for several year but not out of the hearts of thousands of people. "I really loved that Passion Play?" and "Are you going to do the Passion Play again?" are two of the most asked questions I hear. The Grand Strand Passion Play happens on two fleeces that I have placed before God ever since its inception. #1 Finances and #2 Facility

Here is the rub:

Christ Community Methodist Church - Jeff Dunn and the church have agreed to host The Grand Strand Passion Play for 2013.

Finances. The Grand Strand Passion Play takes about $25,000 to put on. Now that God has provided the facility, we are trusting for the finances. Please pray how you can support The Grand Strand Passion Play. We will be selling ads for the program in the coming months, so think if you business can afford an ad that will support sharing the gospel to thousands though this worthy production. Here are the next steps in producing this play:

1. Find base choirs that will be the cast for this play. (Simply put 2012 did not happen because of changes within several churches that were part of our base choir.)

2. Put together production team.

3. Arrange for music, costumes, rehearsals, sets, everything associated with the actual production.

4. Have fun!


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