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1. The writer must submit scripts to On the Edge Productions, Inc. for possible inclusion in collections for future publication. (On the Edge Productions will contact the prospective writer within two weeks with evaluations.)

2. The writer will retain full rights to their work even when published by On the Edge Productions.

3. The writer will be paid royalties according to our internet sales and conference sales scales. (One script in a collection around $.40, a full collection authored by the prospective writer is $4.00 per sale.)

4. The writer will be paid once a year, near the end of the year for all scripts sold.

5. Because the writer retains full rights to their work, if the writer chooses to withdraw their work from On the Edge Productions and seek publication elsewhere, there is no penalty except the loss of revenue of the scripts currently in book form. (For conferences, there are approximately 5 copies of each collection pre-printed. Other copies are created as orders are processed.)

6. The writer will sign a contract to cover legal matters. (not difficult but necessary.)

7. If you are going to a conference and are a vendor, you may take copies of collections bearing your work.